Kronology of Melayu Boleh SEO Contest

When first time I heard about this contest from, I knew it will be a SEO contest to kick all rubbish site on 1st page of Google based on Melayu Boleh keyword. I opened up my Firefox and Google the keyword Melayu Boleh, wow, it’s nearly 1.2 million search result based on Google itself. This is not an easy keyword to optimize! But for me, I’m an extra ordinary person that can take out any challenge. I want to prove that as a Melayu Boleh, I can give some fighting spirit to show to all fellow contestants that Melayu Boleh win the contest if I plan my strategy nicely.

The contest started on 15/4/2009. I only registered my blog Melayu Itu Boleh Berjaya 2 days before the registration timeline. At that time, there were only 7 participants who are already registered their blog to join the SEO contest of Melayu Boleh. I smiled, and “If there are many people out there join this contest, I can learn from their skill also”, because I really enjoy spying on other’s contestant blog or website.

The last day of the registration, more than 30 blog or website already registered to join the contest. For the winner, you will walk with RM500 and melayu boleh Viagra Ayuzip series. The prize money was big enough. No wonder more contestants want to test their SEO skills and fight each other.

First day of the contest, I register my Melayu Boleh blog at As a newbie in SEO field, I want to learn and test my skills also. I have posted my 1st post and get indexed by Google in 1 hour. This is easy because I just submit my Melayu Boleh blog’s URL to , and At this time, I just wait and see what other contestants do. Why? Because I want to prepare all the material that I need to put in my blogspot’s blog.

Today, only 12 days left from the time frame. The organizer gave us 2 month to rank our blog in 1st page of Google based on Melayu Boleh keyword. I feel very pressure now, because, when I change something in my blog, the SERP will drastically drop from 25th place to 154th place in Google. This circumstance only happened in only not on In, my SERP still maintain at 12th place. The result will be base on Melayu Boleh keyword from not I hope Big G not sandboxing me anymore. It’s totally painful for me. I will try my level best to boost up my SERP for melayu boleh keyword by this week.

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