Mawi – From Zero to Melayu Boleh Hero

Once upon a time in Felda Taib Andak, Kulai, there is a young man named Asmawi Ani. He likes to play sepak takraw with his friends. At that time, he just only worked at Carrefour Johor Bahru as a part time deejay. With his believe of Melayu Boleh, he entered a singing competition called Akademi Fantasia 3 (AF3) organized by Astro.

He tried his luck by join the audition at Hotel Selesa Johor Bahru. At that time, he went with his fiancée Ina Binti Naim. In the audition, he sang Gadis Melayu Boleh. He was selected among 5 others participant to enter Akademi Fantasia 3 for 3 month. Gadis Melayu Boleh song made him glamour at that time.

Mawi went to Akademi Fantasia 3 with full support from his fiancée. Then after first week concert, Mawi showed his ability to become a good melayu boleh singer. From week to week, he improved his singing technique and get the most voting by the audience.

At week 5, there’s only left top 20 participants at the Akademi Fantasia 3. Mawi was voted out because he got the lowest voting percentage among the others. Luckily, he secured his seat back after Afundi Masuk. All melayu boleh women like him at that time including Ekin. Ekin know that Mawi have a fiancée, but who care, melayu boleh like Mawi can married up to 4 women.

In the final stage of Akademi Fantasia 3, Mawi show his true color, he won the AF3 by biggest majority. He become famous at that time and felt like he’s the only melayu boleh in Malaysia. His fiancée Ina Naim was so happy and proud of him. She wanted to meet Mawi at the hotel’s lobby. Mawi refused to meet Ina Naim and want to break their relationship urgently.

Ina Naim knew her faith and come back to Kulai. She knew when someone like Mawi became a famous Melayu Boleh, he can forget about his fiancée. But seriously, I don’t know what happened between both of them. They want to prove who are the most melayu boleh than others. Lastly they broke up and all people blame Mawi for his attitude. Mawi totally changed after he won AF3.Mawi must remember, he just a Felda boy with a little luck.

Now, Mawi has married with Ekin. I hope they enjoy their life together forever. If Mawi read this article, I hope he can learn from his mistake. Mawi is one of Melayu Boleh artist in Malaysia right now.

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