Melayu Boleh Diva – Erra Fazira

Erra Fazira was born on February 9, 1974 in Sungai Choh, Rawang, Selangor. She has been interested in singing and acting since young.She want to become a great Melayu Boleh actress and singer. In school, she was very active and joined a lot of societies and clubs such as Pramuka, St. John Ambulans, English Language Society and Culture Club and Melayu Boleh Society.

She's formerly engaged with lead singer of Wings band, Awie. Three years later, she was spotted with an actor/singer, Yusri Abdul Halim from KRU band and they got married on June 15, 2003. Erra and Yusry were officially divorced on June 16, 2006 although Yusry pronounced the talaq on April 26 the same year. She got engaged to Engku Emran bin Engku Zainal Abdidin, Suria FM's Chief Operating Officer (COO) on September 7, 2007.

Erra and Engku Enmran decided to get married on October 25. The akad nikah ceremony was held at Puteri Melayu Boleh Restaurant in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail. At the wedding, Emran presented a mas kahwin of RM80.00 and seven trays of hantaran, while Erra reciprocated with nine trays of hantaran. As for the marriage fee, Erra requested only a copy of the Quran. This is the second marriage for Erra and the first marriage for Emran.

Miss Erra Fazira was the Miss Malaysia/World in 1992. She was also the 3rd runner up for Miss South East Asia for the 1992/1993 session.So far, she show to other Malaysian that she is the best melayu boleh artist ever live in Malaysia.

• Harapan Hanya Impian
• Melayu Boleh Single
• Ya atau Tidak
• Soal Hati
• Pasrah
• Jendela Hati
• Hadirnya
• Pertemuan
• Wang Kite Gale
• Lepaskanku
• Sampai Bertemu
• SMS Saja
• Ucapkanlah (duet with Yusry Abd Halim)
• Jika Kau Tiada (duet with Yusry Abd Halim)
• Bermula Detik Ini
• Nada Kasih (duet with Rio Febrian)

• Hidden
• Anak
• Cuci
• Los Dan Faun
• Persona Non Grata
• Lady Boss
• Castello (2005)
• I Know What You Did Last Raya
• Hingga Hujung Nyawa
• Kuliah Cinta
• Janji Diana
• Mr Cinderella II
• Soalnya Siapa
• Mr Cinderella
• Gila-Gila Pengantin
• Cinta Kolestrol
• Putih (Animation Film 2001)
• Gerak Khas The Movie (2000)
• Soal Hati
• Pasrah
• Maria Mariana II
• Maria Mariana
• Gemilang
• Tragedi Oktober
• Sembilu II
• Sembilu
Melayu Boleh Return

She was a two times Melayu Boleh best actress winner and nominated for 8 times. She also had recorded the most successful actress of all time by her movies cumulative gross. All her movies have collected more than 100 million Ringgit!This is what Melayu Boleh in Malaysia can do normally.

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