“Long Piah” First Melayu Boleh Film in 21st Century

A new film ceremony has been launched in which the film shooting will start by the end of this year. The film title is “Long Piah” and it can be categorized in epic or legend Melayu Boleh film. “Long Piah” is a name of Penghulu or village officer whom had opened a new village in Changkat Beruas , Perak hundred years ago. However, the success of this Melayu Boleh warrior has not been disclosed or officially written in any history books, it only been inherited by generations.

This film will be directed by Bob Singah with a total budget of RM4million. The shooting will start on early September. Two main characters are Zamshuri Ramli and Nasha Aziz. Nasha Aziz is also known as Melayu Boleh actress. The duo will act in this film for the first time. The shooting place will be at Langkawi and Perak.

The main story of this film is to expose the great and braveness of “Long Piah” as a Melayu Boleh hero as stated by the production house, Seven Sky Pictures Sdn Bhd. The production targets this film as a first film in this 21st century that has been produced in pre history film.

We hope that “Long Piah” production will produce an interesting film and something that can be proud of by the audience. “Long Piah” script is amazing so we want the visual effect also will be the same as another epic film from Hollywood.

A historical film is important for the new Melayu Boleh generations to learn that our country is a great country and we must proud to be Malaysian. We must behave our attitude in become a good citizen. When the citizens in this country know their history, they also will know their ability and capability.

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