Melayu Boleh SEO Contest - 5 days remaining

For the past 2 month, I have put all my effort to win this Melayu Boleh SEO Contest. I plan all my strategy in one piece of paper only. Today I can proud that my site Melayu Boleh already rank in second page of and first page of

Roughly I've around 150 backlink from different IP address.I build my link everyday. I made around 7-10 link per day. This is to prevent Google catch me and sandbox my blog.I know that my skill is not good enough. But I'm very confident that what I'm doing now is for the long term SEO skill. Build anchor text link from the word Melayu Boleh is not hard, but the most important thing is how to stabilize my blog. This is my main problem.It's hard to maintain the SERP!

I have done 95% of my SEO skill. I have left 5% to do. This 5% skill is my last weapon to achieve first page of, this last skill is do or die mission, hehehe. If I lost in this contest,I really don't care,since I can gain new SEO technique from others.

My target is, my blog will get into first page of in term of Melayu Boleh by next Monday. I hope this will happen. To all Melayu Boleh SEO Contestant, good luck guys, please bring the RM500 with you ok or I will take it alone. Hahaha..

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